Vampire hunters are people who hunt and kill vampires. Vampire hunters can work alone or form groups. The Lancers are an East Coast organization who cover their faces when on stakeouts and never use their real names. Rashel Jordan is a human who used to hunt vampires, seeking revenge because her mother was murdered by a vampire, until she fell in love with a vampire herself. Some lamia apparently believe vampire hunters no longer exist; Jade Redfern always thought that vampire hunters were a myth used to frighten her and her sisters into behaving - like a vampire version of the boogeyman. It was initially believed that a vampire hunter may have been responsible for murdering Opal Burdock, until the true culprit was revealed to be Jeremy Lovett, a renegade werewolf. Jez Redfern always believed that vampire hunters were responsible for the murders of her parents, until she learned at the age of sixteen that they were actually killed by Night People for breaking the law, as Jez's mother was human. Ironically, Jez herself becomes a vampire hunter after joining Circle Daybreak.

Notable Vampire HuntersEdit

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