The Weald family are a family of witches.

History Edit

Selene Weald married into the Harman family, wedding Grandin Harman, which produced the witch Sylvia. However, this lead to issues later on, as Sylvia felt slighted when the Harmans wouldn't accept her into their fold, as she was regarded as a Weald, not a Harman, because of her mother's birth clan. Sylvia's fury over being rejected lead to her siding with Hunter Redfern, her eighth great-grandfather (presumably on her father's side). Sylvia later had a change of heart and redeemed her earlier betrayal by helping free the Wild Power, Delos Redfern, though she was killed by Hunter for her defiance. It is unknown if there are any other Wealds still existing and, if so, whether or not they have remained with the Night World or joined Circle Daybreak.

Known members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name Weald comes from Old English, meaning "woodland".

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