Biographical Information
  • Stone Age (presumably)
  • Deceased
  • 20th Century
Cause of Death
  • Mortal wounds
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Male
Supernatural Characteristics
  • Various
  • Three
  • Night World Spy
  • Daybreaker (as part of his cover)
  • Night World
Short Stories

Whitcombeis a tri-horned dragon and the main antagonist of the short story Thicker Than Water. He infiltrates the Circle Daybreak safetown of Harmony, but is foiled by Raksha Keller and some other Daybreakers.

History Edit

Background Edit

It can be assumed Whitcombe (which is unlikely to be his original name) was alive during the First World and was defeated and put to sleep beneath the earth by the witches. In the late 20th century, Whitcombe was awoken by the 'witch who isn't a witch' and allied himself with the Night World. Whitcombe disguised himself as a lamia to infiltrate Circle Daybreak, serving as one of Thierry Descouedres' guards.

Thicker Than Water Edit

Shapeshifter Daybreaker Keller is unnerved by Whitcombe and finds it uncomfortable when he scratches her ears (in her panther form). Keller catches Whitcombe after he murders some guards and, realizing he is a dragon, attacks him. At first, Whitcombe tries to keep the fight contained so as not to attract attention, but Keller makes this difficult for him, nearly succeeding in biting off one of his horns despite Whitcombe using Power to seriously injure her. Keller is able to use the soulmate bond to alert Galen Drache, who, along with Rashel Jordan and Quinn, arrive to help Keller fight the dragon. Whitcombe is able to hold all of them off for some time, but the combined assault proves too much, with him losing two horns. Eventually, Whitcombe's pain and fury prompt him to abandon subtlety and he attempts to incinerate the Daybreakers. However, summoning the last of her strength, Keller is able to leap onto Whitcombe's back and destroys his last horn before dealing him a death blow.

Appearances Edit

Short Stories Edit

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