The winter solstice, also known as midwinter, is an annual event occurring in winter, marking the shortest day and longest night of the year. It occurs around June in the Southern hemisphere and December in the Northern hemisphere. The winter solstice is celebrated as a holiday by Night People.

History Edit

It is unknown how long Night People have celebrated the Solstice, though it has presumably been considered a special occasion for some time, just as the summer solstice is. Like the summer solstice, the winter solstice is probably regarded as being "magical" by Night People and may be celebrated with parties or other such social gatherings, though few details are given. In the late 20th century, it was decided that on the night of the winter solstice, the witches and shapeshifters should meet to discuss an alliance between the two races. This was to be solidified via a betrothal ceremony between Galen Drache, a prince of the First House of the Shapeshifters, and Iliana Dominick, the Witch Child and a Harman, to take place that same night.

Witchlight Edit

On the night if the solstice, Keller and her team must battle the dragon Azhdeha to protect Iliana and get both her and Galen to the meeting in time. Iliana is able to summon her blue fire abilities at last and immolates Azhdeha, also using her powers to heal her friends' injuries. They then race to the meeting before the clock strikes midnight. They arrive just in time, to everyone's relief. However, instead of going through with the betrothal, Iliana unexpectedly performs a blood-tie ceremony between herself and Keller and declares them blood sisters, as Keller is Galen's soulmate. Iliana declares that as the Witch Child and third Wild Power, she can choose to make this the basis of the alliance instead of an arranged marriage to Galen. When neither the Harmans or Draches disagree, the alliance is made official and the shapeshifters pledge themselves to Circle Daybreak. Afterwards, the Daybreakers celebrate with a party. 

Trivia Edit

  • The Nordic holiday of Yule is traditionally celebrated on or near the winter solstice. Many traditions of Yule were adopted or carried over to modern day Christmas celebrations, and some neo-pagans still celebrate Yule. It is possible that witches celebrate Yule on the winter solstice, as their culture bears many similarities to neo-pagan religions and traditions and they are also mentioned as celebrating Beltane and Samhain, both of which are also considered pagan holidays. Hence, the winter solstice may be the Night World equivalent of Christmas. 

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