Maya Hearth-Woman, a notable figure of Witch World

Witch World was the period on Earth when the witches reigned. It was the second out of four consecutive ages to exist and lasted for approximately 10,000 years before it came to an end due to an Ice Age.



When informing Jez Redfern about the approaching Apocalypse, Hugh Davis brings up the preceding ages - including Witch World - to explain why the end of the world was near.

Notable eventsEdit


  • The element that corresponds with the end of Witch World is ice (the ice age).
  • Like the names of the other ages, "Witch World" was coined by Hugh Davis. It is unknown whether other Night People use these terms as well.
  • Like the preceding Shapeshifter World, an interspecies war was partially responsible for the downfall of the reigning species.

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