Witchcraft is a magical practice encompassing a variety of different activities such as spell casting, potion making, and invocations to personal deities.


The power of a witch is an inborn trait and if not properly harnessed, can result in unintended magical incidents. By practicing witchcraft, witches can learn to better focus and control their magical abilities


Spells & RitualsEdit

Spells are a series of words that when recited, produce a magical effect. Often accompanied by ritual actions, spells range from simple commands to complex incantations. They are most often spoken in English, but there are instances when other languages are used, most likely depending on the caster's preference or lingual fluency.


Potions are magical substances brewed using a combination of various ingredients, most commonly herbs. Although potions are most often made in the form of a liquid, they can also be powders.

Plants & HerbsEdit

Due to their magical properties, certain plants and herbs are used in spell casting or the preparation of a potion. They may provide power on their own, but when combined with other plants or even precious stones in the form of a potion or talisman, the magical potential is greater.

Crystals & GemstonesEdit

Crystals and gemstones have no power on their own, but when used by a witch they can produce extraordinary magical results such as healing poisons. They are often fashioned in the form of talismans or amulets and can be worn as jewelry.

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